50 years of consulting experience

Specialists in developing and transition economies

Welcome to GOPA Consultants, the leading German development consulting firm and one of the strongest consulting groups in Europe. Since its founding in 1965, GOPA has successfully implemented over 3,450 management and training projects for national and international financing agencies as well as private industry in more than 130 countries.

Our reputation for excellence and efficiency is built on fifty years of planning and implementing technical assistance projects in developing and transition economies.   

Latest News

Shifting paradigm of EU development cooperation
GOPA to promote EU businesses in South East Asia in a Partnership Instrument-funded project
Capacities of district administrations to be built in Rwanda
GOPA has been awarded the third phase of a decentralisation project
GOPA Statistics: New challenge on Big Data
“Big Data refers to data sets whose size is beyond the ability of typical database software tools to capture, store, manage and analyze.” – The McKinsey Global Institute, 2011
GOPA bridges public institutions and non-state actors in Myanmar
Second backstopping mission to be conducted
Continued regional support to official statistics in the Western Balkan and Turkey
GOPA Statistics has been awarded the EU-funded service contract for the IPA 2014 multi-beneficiary statistical cooperation programme