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Opportunities in international cooperation

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Team Leader (KfW), Ethiopia

Job Details

Team Leader (KfW)
Rural Development and Environment
Thursday, January 25, 2018
Name of project: 
Conservation and sustainable use of Biodiversity and Forests in Ethiopia – Implementation (KfW)
Task description: 

Project background:
In Ethiopia the high rate of deforestation forms a major threat to biodiversity, as particularly endemic species are endangered by habitat loss. The decline of the forest and vegetation cover leads to increased erosion and water scarcity and the deforested, degraded land quickly loses fertility. The main causes of progressive deforestation are essentially agricultural expansion, population pressure, overgrazing, uncontrolled felling and utilization. Most of the rural population is directly dependent on the use of forests and forest products to cover its own subsistence needs and to earn income from the sale of wood and non-wood products.

Project objectives:
The main idea is to increase the value of wood production of exotic and indigenous trees through improved planning and through improved management and utilization. The newly established commercial communal forests can be adapted to management objectives by choice of tree species and grouping, but also work out sustainably with only rudimentary silvicultural knowledge and skills of the local population. They can and shall be maintained in the future as the joint forest area of the community, financed by an innovative approach using incentives for the incorporation of ecological and long-term aspects.


General professional experience
  • At least 10 years of professional experience in a related field
  • Experience as a Team leader
Specific professional experience
Proven expertise in the fields of:
  • (1) forest establishment and management, with particular emphasis on participatory approaches (planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation);
  • (2) overall project management, particularly of FC projects and programs;
  • (3) financial system development, management and accounting;
  • (4) community development, supply chains and rural income generating activities(5) ESMF development and application
  • Previous work experience in Ethiopia, neighbouring countries or at least other African countries with similar ecological and socio‐economic conditions are regarded an important factor for successful project implementation.
Language skills:
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills in the English language
Other information: 

Interested candidates with suitable qualifications and professional experience are asked to submit their CV as soon as possible.

Project start date: 
third quarter of 2018
Project end date: 
third quarter of 2024
6 years
Contact person: