GOPA STATS wins EU tender in Burkina Faso!

Kick-off meeting in Ouagadougou for PAGPS sub-programme "Statistiques"
PAGPS, Burkina Faso

GOPA's Statistics department (STATS) was recently awarded a tender by EuropeAid for the Ministry of Economics and Finance in Burkina Faso. The kick-off meeting for the sub-programme, “Statistiques”, of the Public Management and Statistics Programme Support (Programme d’appui à la gestion publique et aux statistiques – PAGPS) took place on 12 December 2017 in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, at the National Institute of statistics and Demography (INSD), the main beneficiary. The project of 180 man-months aims to reinforce the national statistics system functions through tool monitoring and management, database rationalisation and information collection, as well as improvement of the economic provisions and the use of statistics. The four main results to be achieved are:

  1. the national statistics system will have access to tools for the reinforcement of its operations;
  2. the national statistics system competencies is, and means of, data collection will be reinforced;
  3. Burkina Faso will have at its disposal an updated tool for the provision of macroeconomics;
  4. the users of statistics will have the capacity to analyse data.


Amongst other things, these results will be achieved through:

  • Technical assistance in data collection and analysis, administrative data, IT, macroeconomic modelisation and trans-sectorial analysis;
  • Experts' missions to the beneficiaries in specific statistical domains (26 short-term missions);
  • Organisation of workshops and training sessions for the beneficiaries, on the new NIS management tools, on IT software, quality processes, fundamental statistics, data collection (in particularly population census implementation, analysis and dissemination) and NIS staff capacity building;
  • In sector ministries: organisation of technical workshops in the fields of data validation, data analysis, statistical yearbook production and annual documentary CD-ROMs;
  • Follow-up of the national platform information on nutrition.