Project kick-off by GOPA Statistics in Serbia

Strengthening the Serbian statistics system by upgrading methodologies and standards, and application of good practice

Implementation of this challenging EU-financed project was started officially by the GOPA-led consortium at a project kick-off meeting which took place in Belgrade on 4 April 2016, on the premises of the Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia (SORS). Our consortium partners are Atos IT Solutions and Services d.o.o. Beograd (Serbia), S.C. Eurolink Consultants S.R.L. (Romania), Istat - Italian National Institute of Statistics, Expertise France - representing INSEE (the French Statistical Office), and the Central Bureau voor de Statistiek - Statistics Netherlands.

The overall objective is to harmonise methodologies, standards and good practices applied to form a reliable statistical basis. This is necessary for the Serbian social and economic system in view of accession to the EU, as well as to harmonise relevant statistics and indicators available for use as a foundation for public policies in all key areas.

With a budget of EUR 3.4 million, the global price project under the IPA 2012 Financing Agreement focuses on three main fields: the further advancement of SORS’ information and communication system; the upgrading of the national accounts system; and further developments in the field of sustainable development indicators. The latest decisions at UN StatCom on the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) indicators will be reflected by this project. Efforts in the three fields of activity are supported by horizontal activities oriented towards raising awareness and promoting communication with stakeholders, beneficiaries and end-users. The project not only combines the provision of technical assistance in various statistical domains, but also includes data collection, software procurement and data migration.