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More than 3,500 projects implemented around the world

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Since its founding in 1965, GOPA has successfully implemented over 3,500 projects in more than 130 countries. At present, over 140 are being carried out. This database provides a selection of projects best illustrating GOPA’s fields of activity.

Support of the Social Welfare Fund within the EC Food Security Programme

Rural Development and Environment
Social Welfare Fund within Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs
Donor Organisation: 
European Commission (EC)
Start of project: 
March, 2002
End of project: 
June, 2006

The Social Welfare Fund was established in 1996 as a key element of the social safety net for the poorest categories of the Yemeni population. The SWF provides cash allocations of a limited amount (Euro 5.88 per month for one direct beneficiary) to entitled persons belonging to legally defined categories of the population.The number of applicants and beneficiaries of the Fund regularly increased to about 450,000 at the end of 2001. The present scale of this scheme as well as its social importance requires from the Fund an adaptation of its organisational structure, an improvement of its management, an increase in the efficiency of its operations, and the ability to focus its intervention strictly on the social categories for which its assistance is intended. If these issues are not tackled, there are some risks that the Fund’s performance will deteriorate and more 'leakage' will occur, diverting resources to people outside the intended target group.

Project details


The overall objective of the project is to enhance the capacity of very poor households to meet their food and non-food requirements. The project purpose is to improve the capacity of SWF to effectively alleviate the vulnerability of the very poorest social categories of the population.


GOPA's technical assistance aims at providing the Fund with comprehensive support at all institutional levels in order to:

  • improve the SWF operational cash allocation delivery system. and set up a computerised information system for administration of applicants and follow-up of beneficiaries;
  • adapt the institutional capacity of SWF to its increased task level by initiating organisation and management development measures, decentralisation processes and training;
  • review and improve the SWF legal framework and targeting policy. Legal amendment proposals, elaboration of a strategic development plan and organisation of national conference are foreseen to improve the correlation of SWF support and poverty distribution in the country. GOPA TA places special emphasis on enhancing the co-operation and networking with NGOs and other current development programmes in Yemen to initiate social development projects including SWF beneficiaries.