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Vocational Education and Training Linked to the Development of SMEs

Education and Employment Promotion
Ministry of Education
Donor Organisation: 
European Commission (EC)
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Start of project: 
March, 2003
End of project: 
February, 2005

The Ministry of Education is currently working on a large-scale reform programme designed to adapt the Kazakh education system to the 12-year European system. Under this reform, the Ministry is working out mechanisms to promote the enrolment of students to VET schools in order to increase the number of trained middle-level workers needed to support SME development and employment growth.

Project details


The Project aimed at introducing key elements in the VET reform system in two regions of Kazakhstan, through the provision of new models, best practice and policy recommendations leading in the mid and long term to:

  • A modern, efficient and flexible vocational education and training system responsive to the needs of the labour market in the region, and in particular of SMEs;
  • Vocational standards and curricula as well as related teacher training, following EU models, to be integrated into a lifelong learning perspective;
  • An improved management system involving social partners and enhancing school-enterprise relations;
  • Pilot schemes potentially replicable to other regions, and recommendations made to the Ministry of Education.
  • Development of a scheme for a dialogue between social partners, SMEs and VET in the two pilot regions (Aktobe and Akmola Oblasts) that may be proposed as a model for the national authorities to disseminated to other regions
  • Design of a VET strategic policy framework and development of efficient funding schemes
  • Development of curricula linked to labour market needs, and of modern and open methods for teacher training
  • Development of training modules to train different levels of VET administration with a view to improve their management skills
  • Continuous project review, quality assurance and dissemination of project results