Fields of Expertise

Fields of expertise by process

Statistical design
Deciding whether to undertake/continue a collection or analysis, accessing administrative data, designing data collection methods, designing and implementing sampling schemes.
Statistical collection
Implementing data collection, editing data, validating data, imputing missing data, coding data, weighting data, estimating populations from samples.
Statistical analysis
Undertaking primary statistical analysis, constructing index numbers, investigating time series, producing further analyses.
Statistical publication
Checking and handling disclosure and other confidentiality issues, disseminating data and metadata, performing evaluation and review.

Fields of Expertise by domain

  • Economy and finance statistics
  • Population statistics
  • Health statistics
  • Education and training statistics
  • Labour market statistics
  • Living conditions and social protection statistics
  • Industry, trade and services statistics
  • Agriculture, forestry and fisheries statistics
  • Transport statistics
  • Environment statistics
  • Energy statistics
  • Science and technology statistics