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Team Leader - Policy Dialogue with Gulf countries

United Arab Emirates
Team Leader - Policy Dialogue with Gulf countries
Governance and Economic Development
Name of project:
Enhanced EU-GCC Political Dialogue, Cooperation and Outreach
Task description:

This is an indicative profile. The project office location (United Arab Emirates) is also indicative.

This EU-funded action aims to contribute to a stronger relationship between the EU and the GCC by enhancing the politicaldialogue, cooperation and outreach between the 2 sides.
It will do so by supporting the GCC countries in their ongoing national transformation processes, facilitatingeffective implementation and monitoring of the Cooperation Arrangements with the GCC countries, enhancingthe understanding and visibility of EU in the region and helping deepen the people to people links between the 2regions.
The project will be structured around 2 inter-related components. Component 1 will focus on politicalcooperation between the EU and each of the GCC countries. The key points of reference for this componentwill be the national transformation/national visions/development plans of the respective GCC countries andthe Cooperation Arrangements signed between the EU and the GCC countries. Component 2 will focus onpublic diplomacy. Together with component 1, it will work to enhance the understanding and awareness of theEuropean Union in the region and to create stronger trust and linkages between people from both sides. To thisend, it will use diverse tools including workshops, study visits, institutional partnerships, cultural exchanges,etc. The project will focus on bilateral cooperation with each of the 6 GCC countries and eventually merge into aregional logic as appropriate.


Qualifications and skills:

  • Master’s Degree or equivalent experience in politics, economics, international trade, or a related discipline
  • Excellent verbal and written command of English
  • Knowledge of conversation level Arabic would be an added advantage
  • Proven skills in high-level public or cultural diplomacy, including public speaking and excellent communication skills   

General professional experience:

  • A minimum of 12 years professional experience as an expert in projects for developing political relations between the EU and any other region, involving high-level stakeholders
  • A minimum of 4 years of professional experience as team or component leader in projects involving EU institutions and Gulf countries
  • Management and/or participation in projects involving the development of partnerships with high level officials

Specific professional experience:

  • Minimum of 5 years of professional experience in at least one, or a combination of several, of these sectors: Clean energy, high-tech industry, construction, transport, tourism, culture & arts, finance, university/higher education build-up and cooperation, manufacturing, finance, general joint-venture support, technology transfer
  • Proven knowledge of European Union project management procedures and financial regulations, preferably through management and participation in EU-funded technical assistance projects would be an advantage
Mission start date:
Mission end date:
Project start date:
Project end date:
36 months
Contact person:
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Governance and Economic Development

Hindenburgring 18
61348 Bad Homburg